Tuesday, March 30, 2010

maybe, you're going to come back

"It's a moment of crisis for me. Not that the crisis is negative, for it brings with it change and novelty. In the end, I don't think it's right to close yourself up in an ivory tower, even though it means you are safe and protected. To create is also to risk. If i had never taken a chance, I would never have shown the clothes that everyone loves today. Believe me: to avoid risk is also to die a little. And i love life very much."
-Gianni Versace

Monday, March 29, 2010

I found her name

Leigh Lezark, a DJ and model. Karl Lagerfeld's muse and mine too. It's really quite fascinating as i saw her picture in one of the blogs when i'm starting to be introduced to the fashion world through internet. I still remember, that time i was wondering who this amazing person was and i wanted to know her name so that i can perhaps google her up or something but there was no name to be found ANYWHERE so i was like, ...forget it.... AND afterwards i found her name somewhere again, i forgot, and have been constantly 'following' her heehee. I love this girl, i just read an article that she did with asos.com, inspiring. Even suburb girls can make it there too, with zeee attitude.
Isn't she gorgeous?


Pictures: Style.com and Misshapes.com/blog

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Test the waters

Currently reading: The Versace Legend by Minnie Castle. I love reading books about people, the previous was Christian Dior. They have something in common, they both love magnificent houses for getaways from the hectic designing lives.

Why do i care? i wonder.

You make it easier

A quick update before i leave for church, yesterday's Funorama was pretty cool. Got ourselves some polaroids.

 polaroids! $6 for 2 :)
Sarah with her polaroid
Me with my polaroid
The game stores!
On me: MNG white lace-patterend leggings, Cotton On floral print leggings, Brown Oxford Shoes

Alright so yesterday i tried something new, which is 2 layers of leggings. It was so awkward i tell you because everyone else were wearing like high waisted shorts and all while i'm wearing leggings, 2 layers somemore. But then i told myself, i have to be daring enough to make a statement right? Say no to comformities!!! HAHA. I almost wanted to take it off but in the end i didn't heehee yay

Then afterwards we went to walk around city hall area. The sunset was beautiful, look at the colours! Whenever i see shades of colours like this, i'll immediately think of how nice it will look like on a dress as a print. Wooo, i love sunset.

And did i mention? I LOVE SPRING AND SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! it makes me feel so happy, while window shopping at raffles place yesterday i saw the boutiques like topshop and all displaying their SS '10 clothes and it was awesome. I was so excited, i love totally love the colours, all the nudes, denim, florals, so spring-ish!!!!! i love it, it's such a pity that my camera died on me. Ok so in conclusion i love spring and summer, they make me happyyyyyyyy :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Playing with Fire

Welcome to my newly revamped site, i'm starting to move my direction. More of fashion stuffs in, will try to include my own works as much as possible! I'm also thinking of setting up an online shop to fulfil my building fund. There will be a mixture of vintage + my creations (will try will try haha) so do look out for it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

is love is a lie

introducing, my new permanent temporary tattoo. my dreams.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Such Great Heights

Something must be wrong with me, or maybe..it's not really me? To me $100+ shoes are super cheap (not that i can buy it whenever i want, just saying) i think it's because when i'm constantly being surrounded by fashion magazines and blogs where the shoes can easily cost a few thousand, these will appear as being very affordable. A good example-

Jeffrey Campbell:

K Genius (in Khaki)                                                        Tick (in Natural)

Available @ Revolveclothing (hint to all my lovers)

Can never get enough of 99.
 Available @ solestruck

Alexander Wang:
 I want all of you!
Available @ forwardforward

Saturday, March 20, 2010

winter song

Sorry for the lack of update once again, my internet just got fixed so yeah! Just a few days ago ybab and i paid a visit to "The Tea Party" at Sixth Avenue, and i must say that the scones are awe-some! Definitely going back for more

 "Best scones ever!" - Sarahg

My adorable cousins:

Today it was Gabriel's surprise birthday at Yiling's house. Happy 18th Birthday in advance!
This was the only picture that was taken of me, by my mom (which explains the ahem blur ahem picture heh heh) when we're on our way out!

Hooked on: Grey's Anatomy Sountracks ( i just got like a lot of them on my iTunes yay)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

what if there was no light

Chanel - Fall Winter 2010/2011

I knew that i had to watch this. Loads of fur, knitting, loads loads loads loads of furrrrrrrrrr. Some looks that i really liked:
This is kind of like haute couture for me.
Freda oh freda, my gorgeous Chanel face.

Karl Lagerfeld never fails, always spinning creativity without removing the "Chanel" element.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I apologize for the lack of update, for there has been some connection problems here. But there's nothing much happening in my life anyway, except that i paid a visit to the library today. which, doesn't happen often.

It was pretty cool, i was seated on the floor at a corner, reading "Grès" which is a book about Alix Grès, mysterious lady. Her drapings and pleats are wonderful amazing genius. I moved on to another book "Women i have dressed (and undressed!)", which i have yet to complete but i borrowed it!

Something from the book:Fashion changes and your ideas change. You hope that women will go along with it and change too. The designer's eye changes all the time, and what looked great to you a year ago might look wrong today. Of course, that's what keeps your adrenaline going and what makes fashion really exciting!

And now, i'm reading "vintage french interiors" and "the french room" which are books on french interior design, inspirations for my future home :)

I love design books, i can munch on them all day long.