Monday, April 25, 2011

eggs or chicken first?

HAPPY POST-EASTER. It was a pretty good weekend with one-off day on friday..although i rotted it away watching whywhylove heheehe. not to mention, EASTER DRAMA! whoohoo.

my lovely cellgroup members!
russell tied a ribbon around my neck with my scarf haha
quite a good shot that russell took!
stupid faces haa

Ahwells, homework time AGAIN.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lookin' forward to the weekend~

Happy Good Friday everyone!

Thankyou Jesus for bearing all my sins and sicknesses on the cross 2000 years ago, this day, you died for all mankind. You died for me. And this life i have, will be nothing if not for what you have done. Treasure my life? Check.
quite a fail attempt to draw the cross that You were crucified on.....but who cares haha i still did anyway.
new pot of 'plant' in my room!
I refuse to do my homework on the day Jesus died for me so i will do it later in the night then! Which explains this....... (actl i'm supposed to be out......but i can't in the end....sigh, hope for the best x )
It is You, that breathes life into me.

am looking forward to Easter service tomorrow, drama ^-^

p.s. sorry if the pictures are not that good..this is what happens when you have a spoilt lens that can only take zoomed in pictures, no tripod, and when you take the pictures of yourself, yourself. haha -> which reminds me, i'm always envious of girls that have friends/boyfriends that help them to take really good outfit pictures and stuff... #justsaying

Sunday, April 10, 2011

if my sky should fall

 Yesterday was pretty awesome! Woke up early, JUSTTTT for oakham market + Brunch @ Rider's Cafe!
I was honestly excited when i saw the horses and people riding on them! So pretttttty, i want. hahahaha.
Guess what? I SAW A WHITE HORSE!!! omg it was like a dreamlike moment, and fantasies of prince charming, knight in shining armor on a white horse just came rushing in haha no kidding.
It's really really handsome (my mom says it's a male haha)
There was this other restaurant there too..looks quite nice!
 So like after half an hours' waiting, we finally got our seat! Rider's Cafe is really good in the morning, i feel. It's not air-conditioned so it would be the best to come early and enjoy the quiet and cosy and really good ambience. (p.s if you sit at the side, you might be able to smell the smell of nature as the stable's just below! Quite cool eh :P)
 The interior's pretty too!
 Didn't manage to get pics of the interior, blame it on the spoilt lens. haha
Iced Chocolate
The French Toast was good! Filling...... and tasty heehee.
The crab sandwich was.. fine to me haha i still prefer the french toast (and they took pancakes out of their menu T.T )
 While waiting for food haha it was quite hot so i bun my hair up instead :P
 shall resist the urge to cut off it's tail and make it into a wig hahaha oops. Horses are such beautiful creatures..
want to take up horse riding classes..

anyways, oakham market shopping was alright! Wasn't like "waaaaashiookkk" but at least i got a few stuffs (like this really cute pair of vintage hearts high waisted shorts!)

 alright time to do work heehee. bye!