Sunday, March 28, 2010

You make it easier

A quick update before i leave for church, yesterday's Funorama was pretty cool. Got ourselves some polaroids.

 polaroids! $6 for 2 :)
Sarah with her polaroid
Me with my polaroid
The game stores!
On me: MNG white lace-patterend leggings, Cotton On floral print leggings, Brown Oxford Shoes

Alright so yesterday i tried something new, which is 2 layers of leggings. It was so awkward i tell you because everyone else were wearing like high waisted shorts and all while i'm wearing leggings, 2 layers somemore. But then i told myself, i have to be daring enough to make a statement right? Say no to comformities!!! HAHA. I almost wanted to take it off but in the end i didn't heehee yay

Then afterwards we went to walk around city hall area. The sunset was beautiful, look at the colours! Whenever i see shades of colours like this, i'll immediately think of how nice it will look like on a dress as a print. Wooo, i love sunset.

And did i mention? I LOVE SPRING AND SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! it makes me feel so happy, while window shopping at raffles place yesterday i saw the boutiques like topshop and all displaying their SS '10 clothes and it was awesome. I was so excited, i love totally love the colours, all the nudes, denim, florals, so spring-ish!!!!! i love it, it's such a pity that my camera died on me. Ok so in conclusion i love spring and summer, they make me happyyyyyyyy :)

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