Wednesday, June 01, 2011

dreams are indeed beautiful

shall mark the first day of june with a list of things that i wish to have. birthday's in about 24 days time, am not exactly very looking forward to usual lols! ohwell. still.

(in no particular order)
1. A pair of oversized black/tortoise shades, prefably round/clubmasterish/whatever.
like these!
 this would be perfect!
i really want..... rayban? heehee.

2. Vintage film camera (workable, 35mm)

i've been looking for these babies for the past months..always going on etsy/ebay to look, and end up not buying them. $$. ngeh haha

3. Dr Martens low-cut boots/shoes
 although this is still very tempting...
Such a sucker for pink/pretty shoes still.... so pretty!

4. Red and Nude lipstick
I really really need them!!

5. Marc Jacobs Laptop Sleeve 13''


7. Chanel Nail Polish

8. Earth Sandals Wedges
 I don't really know why but recently i've been having this obsession with earth/brown sandals wedges!!!

9. Parfummmmmmmmmm

10. Vintage/pretty luggages and bird cage as room deco (!!!)
Sarah and I were supposed to buy birdcages from the shops that sells birds and paint them white, but have yet to execute our plan hahaha

11. Boaters

12. Nude Pumps

13. We all know what this is ;P
which girl wouldn't love to dream right....

14. Pretty Jewelry
 Dalla Nonna 14k Rose Gold Little Letter Necklace
 Melinda Maria Textured Heart & Arrow Necklace
 Gorjana Love Knot Bracelet
 Gorjana Infinity Ring Necklace
Erica Klein Skinny Dip Bracelet

15. Random pretty things and i'll still appreciate + love them a whole lot! esp. antiques and florals!

16. Tickets to Two Door Cinema Club's concert in Aug!!!!!!

17.. Am still dreaming up a garden bday party with lots of balloons and pretty things/food to photograph..
this is so magical...
 so much fun!
 this is perfect!
 so cool! haha
like i said, just a little dream..

So these are some of the things that i want! #justsaying

I think it's pretty cool to come up with a list like this, reminds me of what i really want/need so that i won't side track that much while shopping keke.

1:31pm - am still rotting my study break away, third day.

just to be happy, #junewish

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