Thursday, January 21, 2010

The broken clock makes me sleep

hi, as i'm a person that can't stay in a place for too long, i've decided to move back to blogger, back to my roots.
Of course, i will be posting at sarahglovesmag@wordpress at times but i guess i'll be here pretty much from now on. till a flower catches my feet.

I know that i've bought a lot of clothes for CNY, but i really need a printed blazer (plus the leather pants and red shirt from zara. and a khaki overall? some pastel tops/bottoms too pretty please = spring/summer!) The fashion world revolves extremely fast. During winter season when you need a fur coat, all the stores are already packed with spring/summer apparels. Same goes, when you need a new pair of shorts you realise that the shops are stocked with long knitted cardigans and maybe some high-waisted jeans? Before Spring/Summer even arrive, is already updated with th Fall/Winter 2010 fashion shows. What's the rush, really?

i need a break already, or some interesting projects/work (photoshoots? etc)


phoebejkwong said...

lolll move blog again tsk tsk.
nice header pic! :)

Magdelene said...

HAHAHA yeah man, tired of wordpress aleady!!!!!! thanks babe <3