Saturday, January 30, 2010

I know that we can be so amazing

The night i was high - 24 December 2009

Forced a smile
Bury me

Preparing (ironing my hair, it's not an easy process. Had to do it 3 times before my hair looks decent)

The crap face
Which to put as DP?

Heart breaker

I like them all :S

I like this too! If only it was clearer.
I don't remember me crying..

Jump and Drown in Happiness

These were taken before all that crap happened, pretty sane still!

Photographer: Phoebe Joy Kwong
Model: Magdelene Lim


phoebejkwong said...

hair: phoebe and mag. hahaha.
it was real fun.
i wish i had better lighting in my room to take clearer pics =\

Magdelene said...

HAHA more of 3/4 phoebe and 1/4 mag! hehehe xD Yessssss, nvm CNY CNY! Yeah man, maybe we could try it in the day or something? I'm not sure!!