Friday, April 16, 2010

it's a sit back

I love reading books about people. Knowing the lives they led, inspirations they had, people they secretly loved. It's captivating, almost enchanting. Reading books about them makes me want to be like them as well, very motivating. I've read books on Scaasi, Gianni Versace and Christian Dior. And now i'm venturing into a another area of aesthetics, arts. Currently reading a book on Claude Monet, a french artist in 18th century. His works are amazing, which kind of translated into his fame, right?

Anyway, we had free time during PE as it was raining so we went to the library and ate books. I was reading this book comprising of the America's best portfolio for illustration. Got introduced to the vulgarities of life, no not literally but more of how i saw our world being portrayed and illustrated as it really is. How sad.

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