Monday, April 05, 2010

My saviour is Jesus Christ, wowowowowhooo

Sorry for the lack of updates, i've been really busy lately, mainly with the easter production. It was a fantabulous time with the dancers, and the production was a success! Praise the Lord! (being a demon is pretty cool, once in a lifetime opportunity aye haha)

After the last easter service we went to kaijie's house to celebrate his birthday!
We had a really crazy after-party time in his room, on his bed. Doing..stuffs :)

Anyway, guess who's lips are these!
this is really funny hahaha

have a fun time guessing!


phoebejkwong said...

ahhahahalooking badass there.
for a moment i was like.. it's halloween already??? lol.

i know i know who's lips.

hehe, peace.

Magdelene said...

HAHAH i have to! in character you see hehehe :) HAHA ALOT OF PEOPLE SAID THAT TOO. they're like, you know that halloween picture of you on facebook and i'm like, NO!!! hahaha xD

whowwww not bad at all babe!!!!! you got them right hehee :D mine was bleeding, cool??? :)

phoebejkwong said...

hahahh yessss got em right.
even though i've met them only once -.- hehe.

yesss now why was it bleeding?
you either got violent and hit yourself from being too crazy, or your friend did.
or your lips just chapped? lol.
but bleeding lips are pretty cool xP

we need to skype soon babe!

Magdelene said...

HAHA yeah man, good job! :) friend did HAHAHA XD accidentally!!!!! Yeah it looks coool :D

YES WE NEED. im like, dying. so many things to tell you!!!

Genevieve said...

Hahahaha, I know whose lip are that :D

cinnamon said...