Monday, August 30, 2010

this place is my house

their hearts changed.
their minds changed.
their souls changed.
only the body remains.
and killing is their aim.

wrote this in remembrance of a really horrible dream i had a few weeks back. i wonder if anyone can die in their sleep due to the dreams they had. then again, i don't think i really want to know either.

anyways, i finally brought rose out to explore ze world. it was so funny at first, i couldn't remember how to put in the film and we were panicking like crap. called shifu but she was sleeping. we did it in the end anyway, but hahaha so many fail moments haha!

my pretty rose :)
walked around town randomly and took pictures! and even though it's not really clear but there, my first outfit post in months hahaha
top- gap, skirt- zara, shoes- charles and keith, necklace- thomas sabo, bag- mango, bracelet - tiffany & co, diana f+ mr pink - gift
oh and we passed by this reallyyyyy awesomeeeeee vintage shop in the complex near haji. i totally had my eyes stuck on this shop the whole time but too bad it's closed x/x i just have this..thing with vintage shops. interesting stuffs
while walking around holland we spotted this really super awesome PINK vespa. HOW SWEET :> i will own one next time hehe
and i fell in love with these post boxes. was really resisting the urge to pluck it off the gate and bring it home. I SHALL TRY TO FIND ONE AND PUT IN MY FUTURE ROOM (which is coming coming coming coming coming I'M SO EXCITED)

going to reminiscence tomorrow with beever and fish, so happy finally after 2 years!! and to develop my first 2 rolls of film as well hope everything turns out good heehee

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