Wednesday, September 01, 2010

just gonna stand there

rose's first adventure! i will improve and take nicer pictures
with my lovely girls

and so, today went out with mama. ate @ fosters, holland village. the food is nice and the so is the ambience! def going back :> watched "step up 3" after that, mama didn't want to watch "heartbreaker" bleh. step up 3's pretty good but nothing can beat step up 1, me thinks. walked around and went to leftfoot to have a look at shoes, mama got me my first pair of sperry top-sider! had a really hard time choosing between the hot pink one patent one and peach canvas one. got the peach one in the end heehee i'll get the pink one next time, just wait. still, lovinggggg mine! AND GUESS WHO SERVED US? mediacorp artiste ben yeo (杨志龙) ! i couldn't recognise him at first, he looks so good in real life and now with his new hair cut. very nice guy too haha.
btw i named it, he's berry the sperry top-sider

school tomorrow yucks.

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