Monday, September 13, 2010

cos we're cool like that

sooooooooo, went out to study with booboon today! talked about our problems, and our future! wedding collaboration on the way whoo.
went to the daily scoop at holland v, had awesome ice cream and waffle!
i should seriously stop going there so often. need. a. new. place.
studied studied studied, then it was time to pack up and goooooooo(andtakepictureswhoohoohoo)
this is funny hahah
our shoes are so pretty, both pastel colours. i likee
best fish friends do it like that hahaha
before and after!
it was supposed to be a "J" for Jesus, one way! Jesus! You're the only one that i could live for! yeah but obviously, i fail.

alright, now. whenever you're feeling depressed, down, upset or what, just look at these below and i bet you'll be feeling a million times better. thanks to the horrible me :)
epic moments 101:
this should be the most decent picture i have today. stabs.
so cute hahahha
because us best fish friends are cooler than you. beat that.

(on me: purple top, topshop. white shorts, asos. boat shoes, sperry topsider. bracelet, tiffany & co)

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