Sunday, February 07, 2010

The cheeks of a beautiful boy

If i can't be a fashion designer, i'll be a singer. I'll write my own songs, I'd pick up guitar once again, I'd create my own tune. I love slow indie songs, they're so relaxing. I will travel around the world, having small concerts, loving life, loving music. It's always been my passion since young actually. I love singing.

Then again, that's if.

My passion for fashion is still unbeatable (haha seriously) ! I will follow my heart :)

I float. I float from M'sia to S'pore to Aussie to (next time) Paris, New York, London.
I never stay.
It has never been my forte.
So don't make me.

Currently hooked onto: Larkin Step - Ling Kai
Photo Credit: Weheartit

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