Saturday, February 06, 2010

Put me in a love song

Alright, i didn't feel like doing any work today afternoon so i did this - revamp my wardrobe! It took me about a day to do it, and i'm still left with 1/4 of the work not done :'( However! it was productive. I'm pretty satisfied with my wardrobe now, at least it's organized. (i just need to change all of my hangers to the wooden ones!)

All in a mess

I need more of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would ask me, so how did i organize my wardrobe? I categorized them into different groups like: Basics, Summer Dresses, Night Dresses, Blazers and such. Then i cut out pictures from magazines and attach them to the hangers:

Like this!
Pictures of denim styles for my jeans

dress for dresses
lace for my lace tops
Denim for my denim shorts
and basic for my basics! I'm not done with this as i haven't find all the pictures for all my clothes (no.1 reason - i can't bear to cut out the pictures from my magazines!!!!! D: )

Strike a Pose
Preparing to jump

I feel x1000 better now, just because. I need to study history >: >: >: >: >: >: tired.


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phoebejkwong said...

hahahha i love how you were so into it.. organizing then scroll down...

Magdelene said...

HAHA thanks!! :) i need more picturessssss!!!! >: HAHAHAHA it was really random! xD

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