Monday, February 01, 2010

Make it mine

What's meant to be, what's not?
Is it built on only sweet memories?
Something you hold so dearly to
What if it flies off someday?
Is it then time to move on
to a new person?

I'm still stuck on the conversation i had with phoebe. If you don't need me, neither do i. Sounds easy huh. Sounds.

Does distance matter? Does it last forever, even though you might not be physically with each other. Does those in movies exist in real life? All the, drama-mama i-fell-in-love-with-you-but-i-had-to-leave-and-we-met-10-years-after-and-fall-in-love-again stories. bs? I don't know which to believe.

I want to create a website, anyone interested to help? :)

Pictures credit to Flickr: Anna Inghardt, Bitterlemons, Sandra Beijer.


Anonymous said...

ups sorry delete plz [url=].[/url]

Magdelene said...

I'm sorry?

Genevieve said...

ME ME ME :D I'm willing to help you to create a website twintwin! :D

Magdelene said...

you know how to?!!?!? YAY OK !!!!!!!

Genevieve said...

HAHAHAH but then need to have adobe dreamweaver then can create :D

Magdelene said...

Do you have?!?!? :S

Genevieve said...

nope, I don't have it :(