Monday, May 17, 2010

if you want it

if you do not know that i've cut my hair you deserve to be shot. kidding :) I kind of like my hair now just that all i'm lacking of is a straightener to curl my hair and it will be perfect. any kind soul?
so, right after i'm done with my hair i jumped out of the salon and met sarah + jeremy (her church friend) for movie-namelyIPmanwhichithinkshouldbequiteawesomebutnyways-turned-dinner-chill-session. Had a few pretty naise shots.
Sarah, Me, Jeremy
love you this much babe x
took this awfully wicked shot of her (it's a good thing fyi)
and i did this to myself, please explain my doings for me if you may
mission seduction 101 fail
mission scare 101 successful

that's about all, just can't wait for holidays

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