Thursday, May 13, 2010

pyramid, climb it.

What were you doing when you were just thirteen? Computer games, Playboy
Where did you want to see yourself at when you were just thirteen? Macdonalds, Arcade, Esprit

But for Nirrimi Hakanson, it's different.
"i'm a seventeen year old who is loud through images, who wants to be a part of the future of photographic and youth culture. i am daughter to an aboriginal artist and a swedish-australian hippie and am originally from townsville, north queensland- where it is always summer. i started taking pictures of my sister at age thirteen and never stopped."

What an amazing girl, i really love the pictures that she take. They're soft, natural, youthful yet sophisticated. Really a precious talent.

take a look at her portfolio here with the pictures that she took from thirteen till now, i promise you won't regret.

i feel stupid for doing this but, I LOVE YOU NIRRIMI I REALLY DO. you go girl

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