Thursday, May 06, 2010

You can do whatever you like

 Topshop Ring

I'm back! for now, ha ha until next week comes and i'll have to start mugging all over again everyday until biology test sets me free. Pictures of AFF Rorbeto Cavalli's not up yet, so sorry for the delay, will upload them soonish!

To make up for the lack of updates and all, here are some pictures of me as an evidence that no, i did not degenerate during this intense period of mugging and am perfectly humane, still.

my "hippo" face as taylin would say.

In the imaginarium of magdelene lim i am a successful fashion designer living in Paris with a good husband and have good relations with Mr. Lagerfeld, Ms Beha, Ms Lezark and Ms Vodianova.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THE LAST PHOTO :) hippos are hip

-hip tay