Friday, June 04, 2010

failures are painful, but being constant and never moving on hurts even more - C.C

Phoebe, thought that it would be fun to try something new. Here's a birthday message with love from me to you, try to decipher it! hehehe have fun babe



pictures via weheartit & visualise


phoebejkwong said...

hahah aww i just saw this. been busy :O haven't even had time to blog on my own blog. but i just did and decided to check yours :)
lets see...

happy 17th dear cousin, i love you and see you in paris love! rock

LOL thanks sayang, love you too :)
I don't get the rock part tho -.- or was that just random.

Magdelene said...

hahahaha yay means i can read your blog now too :D

YAY, hahahahhaah the rock part's supposed to be "rock on" but nywayss the same la! HAHAAHAHAHA XD