Saturday, June 26, 2010

sweet sweet sweet

to my special best fish friend,

thankyou for everything that you've done for me, the princess birthday party that you claimed is disgusting but still enjoyed it in the end, the 50 bucks you spent in total for everything and most importantly the thought + effort that was put into making everything perfect for me. to me this is the best birthday bash ever (even though you didn't really bash me up literally but still) and i really appreciate whatever that you've done, with the hundred and one balloons, huge ass card, super cool best friend cert, really sweet book and the heartfelt half an hour video. even though they aren't chanel/gucci/louis vuitton but heck, i can get it next time. had a really great time and even though it might seem to be the last outing that we'll be having ( i really hope not ) but i guess it's enough to last me a lifetime - the memories. btw you told me the price of almost everything you got you idiot hahahah love.

"i can't buy you a ring, cos i'm not in love with you. can't give you flowers cos that'll just be weird. and erm i'm too lazy to make a card for you -deng- haha "

moving on, actually you're the first one that really showed me you'll miss me when i leave (that is IF i'm really leaving, not sure), to the extent that i actually..yeah (more details will be given privately this is too public haha) nyways the main purpose of this post is to really tell you that i am really really really (x1000000) blessed to have such a best friend like you. no, make it beyond blessed. you made me know that i still have friends that really treasure me from the bottom of their hearts and this is pretty..rare. like yeah i've many good friends around me but still, i still need someone that...really...loves me and still can be so close to me even when we don't really talk that often any longer. so, yes i do agree with you that this is what makes our friendship, yay. and don't be silly of course i'll remember you and visit you and everything right, you're like, a freaking fish friend you know!? how can i possibly forget you! there's still skype so, no worries i'll give you a call whenever. you can too. i know that things will be different when i'm no longer here (then again, that is if i'm really going kkkkkkkk!!!!) but our hearts will never be (omgggg super mushy i know but i just had to say this haha) love you


p.s this is just a overall..thing kay haha it'll be..more..what for.. yeah OKAY NEVERMIND BYEBYE

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♥ kristalynn said...

OKAY HAHAHAHHAHAHA OMG <3 <3 <3 ^^ Glad you liked everything! ^^