Monday, June 21, 2010

take only what you need

finally, i've some life. went out with dearest koh yesterday after a million years and we decided to explore new places! went to walk around the shophouses in town (namely arab street area) and i finally went into blackmarket. awesome i tell you, when i have 300 bux i'll go there directly and get something i like.
koh was wearing this really pretty floral pants that look like a skirt, instant love! should have taken a pic grr.
so, we were walking and we passed by this valley which is the back of some houses. there were clothes hanging around, which was pretty interesting and i just had to take this shot of me trying to steal the cloth haha cheap thrill i know.
dream catcher, i hope whoever that hung this up will have his/her dreams realised as he/she wished.
there's this pretty cool shop called "blue ribbons" which specialises in selling chocolates. Superb, it's like 'high-end' product from japan, one of the best, no, the best! according to the shopkeeper. haha. but really, the statements are quite justifiable!
awesome jellyyyyyyyyyyy made from seaweed!
JUST HAD TO SHOOT THIS. my first attempt at streetstyle shot? too shy to ask her for a proper shoot so yeah. aha. denim + denim, floral scarf, straw hat. say hello to summer. cool much
heehee camspam @ bugis mrt
my pretty woman, love you!
this pretty much sums up what happened on a saturday, except for the night session in town (IR, Double-helix bridge which was awesome yet it reminds me that i need to revise bio because all my DNA stuffs are like forgotten - how depressing- and all)


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