Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July


today's just a lovely lovely day. before i say anything else, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL THE AMERICANS!
the patriotic me decided to wear american flag socks with my new florence. thought i'd be the only one who remembered but no, the other people wore shirts and shorts with this flag too. ngeh.

anyway, so, was supposed to meet tay and kung at 12.30 (i was a bit late) but they were later. i even had to text tay "you swimming from africa ah hahaha" LOL! little did i know my sweet friends were actually there at 11-12 and went all the way to tanglin mall hoping to prepare a surprise for me (with pink balloons and my present) @ oomphatico's, BUT THEY WERE CLOSED FOR RENOVATION (!!!!) disappointed x1000. so they had to cab back and meet me @ ion while i was happily window shopping hahaha. went to the handburgers instead ;) oh before that we had to go to the ion customer service to redeem my pink balloon that flew up to their ceiling accidentally, and the other was burst. HAHA.
 me with the balloon that have yet to be redeemed hahaha my win-friends.
 headed to each a cup before that, too thirsty
 met mr snoopy along the way!
 here we are!!
 kung's very cute key ring!
then taylin magically whipped out the block letters, my present. teehee.
 awwwh so nice of them :') wanted to get this for myself actually hahah yay
NOT FORGETTING, the stupid (awesome la awesome hahaha) felicia!
 your presence was felt among us!
 thomas took this
thomas' friend took this. the 4 of us! ^^

after that, toilet time! then taylin very fail-edly lied about kung's absence.
 turns out she ran to get the (squashed) cupcake for me awww! hahaha had a good time laughing at the cupcake though HAHAHAHA
then walked around orchard~
 HAHA the bangle was stuck for a while hahah
 only taylin would do a thing such as this in a shop, or rather, anywhere
last stop, taka. then home sweet home~

thanks for spending time with me today (yes, you too felicia) and all the failed-yet-lovely-still-surprises hahahaha although i lost my pink balloon halfway......I HAD IT TIED ON MY BAG SAFELY SERIOUS. i bet some stupid person cut it off :'( nevertheless i had so much fun, just being around you guys and laughing our noses off. teehee love my girls 

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