Sunday, July 31, 2011


today was an, adventure.
 BFF and i ventured into new grounds, the canal. and the forest. and the railway track. we had to go through fire and storms before reaching our final destination and it was pretty much painful yet fun ^_^
yes, that includes running down hill and climbing over railings
woohoo we conquered our first obstacle
 there was actually a man reading in the canal.....
 we had a really hard time here, it was scary! honestly, esp then people stare at you from above. ngeh. losers. hahahaha sorry but yeah. teehee.
so we decided to take of my shoes + socks, and for kez to jump on the stones over.
 trust me it was really scary.
woohoo mission accomplished!
 after wearing my shoes
 time to go to the other side!
crossing over, after we crossed the canal, we realized there're actually stairs down to the canal -_- ngeh
ok the hardest obstacle. due to the lazy-self, we decided just to cross over the mini forest to get to the railway track. IT'S SUPER, SCARY. we were practically saying..."God is with us" "No weapons that form against us shall prosper" and all haha. nothing i say now will ever describe the fear that was in us at that moment in time, a few screams were made. and hooray we did it once again!!!! overcoming our obstacle!
we went through this shit ok. woohoo proud of us

now, shall let the pictures do the talking
 wore florence with my cherry socks today :)
and on our way back we found out that there's actually a walkable path from the canal to the railway track.................................................. zzZZzZZzZZzzzzZZZzzZZZzzZZZzzzz
hence our album name: new philosophy in life - never stop walking till you find a better path. LITERALLY. all the itches and scratches for nothing man haha but i mean it was worth it, totally worth it! still.
at least we did something what normal people wouldn't do, right bff? like climbing downhill to some canal and had to cross over so stood in water and then had to climb up and then had to go across some shitjungle to the railway tracks that scared the soul out of us. BUT IT WAS FUN. and memorable
we choose love!

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