Monday, July 11, 2011

Banana Pancakes

Sunday was so much fun with my girls  known each other for so long already, since like whaaa.... primary school.. and now we're all in JC woohoo time sure passes fast. in a few years' time we'll be attending each other's wedding d HAHAHA :')

Finally....thanks to sheena's aunt i went to USS with this bunch of crazyfun girlsssss. It was soooo much fun, although quite hot at times and tiring at the other (i don't think i'll want to go with my future boyfriend..sweat so much see already also run) but the rides were good!! Actually it's only the Mummy one and the Human..Galactica? haha they were crazy at first but after trying them again it gets better. heehee.

Jermy looking at the trophies
 started comparing collarbones in the teacup after the exciting rides haha actually mine's kind of gross..anyway.
 And so we made our way to the far far away land~
 and got ourselves some turkey leg, it's yummy!!
magic potion~ hahaha
 the dude who took this picture looks so...scared..and not..confident of himself.. makes me feel sad lol
hoping that some weird cute elf would pop out or something hahah
 had our dins @ The Empire State Building. their pizza's actually really good, and the wings, and the everything hahaha.
we took this 3 times! (except for jerms) hoping to get a happy twist shot for the last ride hahah but too bad we faced the wrong direction, AND WE DIDN'T EVEN CLOSE OUR EYES FOR ONCE I THINK! woohoo.
 did some shopping
this is so prettyyyy, the decor. I won't mind having my house like this, if i had a mansion. hahaha.

the day was realllyyyyy goooooood, we had so much fun playing and walking around and spending money and eating and spending time with one another. Perfect getaway after the exams, felt like we were in another country or even world haha. When we were taking the tram back I really felt like we're going back to our hotel in Hong Kong, as if we're on a holiday! instead of home.. REALLY IT FELT SO REAL!!!!!!


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