Sunday, March 20, 2011

aloe vera jelly

Yet another update again yay! (have to make my blog look alive before school reopens and it dies again)
Jiayu's like a early birthday celebration:

 The 5 of us (Jiayu, Jessica, Kelly, Meihui and I) went to Chalk @ Mt Sophia for dinner. The food was good~ $$ though hahaha.
 Birthday Girl!
Prawn Cocktail~ yumm
 MH and I
After eating, we started to play with each other's phones + FB (muahahaha) and had a grrrrrrrreat time laughing!!! Loads of fun ^^

 Birthday Girl and I
 Kelly and I
Jessica and I
Jiayu and Kelly

presenting to you....the kelly pose:

Us with the yummy Chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate!!!
 $$$$$$$$$$$$ hahaha
i flew i flew i flew!!!!

It was really a good good night with my girls, should do this more often! had a fantabulous time, <3 my girls yay!


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