Sunday, March 13, 2011

Better Days

your heart, treasure of treasures

Life has been nothing short of awesome today! Ate to my heart's content in JB, Korean food = PURE BLISSSSSSSS. i finally satisfied my craving for Ginseng Chicken!!!!!!!!!!! (hualala around my room for 10 seconds) and shopping was, unconventional! I got myself a framed vintage print, that has a rose printed on it and it totally reminded me of my baby (camera - it's named rose too hehe) so i just HAD to get it. plus, it was pretty cheap~~ and GUESS WHAT! i found this super cool shop that sells posters and stuff, all the movies, stars and all, WHICH WAS LIKE DUPER WHOA~~~~~ fell in love with it. got myself, Audrey Hepburn *hyperventilates! i've been looking for it for awhile, too expensive ah hahaha but this is okay :) am going back for more, am eyeing on the Eiffel Tower one ^^

so, meanwhile i shall share with you my recent buys!
Got flowers today, red and pink. To brighten up my days :)
The vintage print with my baby!
AHHHHHHH fav buy of the day~~~
Bought this really pretty clock recently!!
found these cute stuffs in my treasure box!
Ending of with:

You love. You lose. You learn. Then you learn to love all over again.

Playlist: Fire In Your New Shoes - Kaskade


Vanessa said...

Hi! I was wondering where this movie poster selling shop is cause I've been meaning to find one of my fab stars too! :) And how do you make your pictures oh so pretty to look at? Is it some editing app? Do share ;)

Magdelene said...

Heyyy, i got mine from a shop in malaysia heh heh oops but i'm pretty sure there are some stores selling these in S'pore too! try googling! or get them on eBay :) Aha thanks you're too kind, i didn't edit any of the pictures above!! :)