Saturday, March 12, 2011


BBD and i went out yesterday, finally having a breather from the past..3 months of JC life. Tough. Not to mention all the, stuffs that we have been going through, it was like hell for the both of us. Not everyone can understand, not everyone will bother to. Nyways, so we went to Fou de Fafa @ Capital Tower for lunch, recommended only for vegetable lovers ;) and the food comes in a big portion, better to go with friends and share!

My pretty BBD

We went to Robinson (?) Garden (? park?) afterwards, to camwhore....heheheheehehehehehe girls
accidental nice shot!
a french book that i got for 2bucks @ Fou de Fafa! Shall read it when i understand heehee.
eiffel tower is my new nose!
one can never get enough of my stupid faces!

Top: Zara
Bottom: Topshop
Ballet Flats: Topshop
Bag: Kikki.k
Scarf: NTB
Flower: Dorothy Perkins

have a nice week ahead! for all JC students, enjoy your study break ;)

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BBD said...

Awesome!! <3<3<3