Monday, July 05, 2010


so, i've been really quite busy for the past weeks due to this SYF mass display. These are all the girls, excluding the year 5-s
Year 4 girls with su lao shi
introducing to you, the BACKSEAT GIRLS from india! (the above images are our supposedly album covers by the way)
"Hello everybody, we are the backseat girls. You name it, we sing it!"
Our smash hit: "Single Ladies" - actually only the "oh oh" part but whatever heheh
We even have our own version of the barbie song!

We're the Backseat Girls, in the backseat worlddd. At the backseat, it's fantastic. You can hear us sing, everywhere we go~ Entertaining, so amazing!
Come on backseat let's go backseat (Ah-ah-ah-yeah)~
Come one backseat let's go backseat (Ooooo-oooo)~
Come on backseat's go backseat (Ah-ah-ah-yeah)~

Come one backseat let's go backseat (Ooooo-oooo)~

alright so the main point is that we're a bunch of really awesome girls that has a passion for singing and desires to be found, just like how justin bieber did. So, please be a fan of us we have our own facebook group! Credits to our fanclub administrator astrid goh and artistic director laetitia.oh not forgetting, OUR AWESOME CRAZY FANS WHOO thankyou all for your never ending support, we really appreciate them yayyy! BSG's motto: when there is a will, there is a way (which resulted in a mute concert, garden song and all hahahahhahahahahaha ownnnnn)

BSG off duty pictures! ♥♥♥ you girlsssssssssssssssssssss

All the fun + laughter + silly/epic moments (like gang gang chu1 lu2 etc) + cam spam are what make this mass display enjoyable! and all the 100 meals that we have hahahahaha yay

come on backseat let's go backseat ohhhohoh


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