Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'd swim the ocean for you

4 laxatives (with the absence of kung taylin huiyuxian yiling yili) to Pulau Semakau!
My fav. place in S'pore still, ♥. i'll be up there one day heehee
SENTOSA COVE, expensive but really naiseeeeeeeeee
strangely i like this shot pretty much
Diana F+, "don't think, just shoot"
Jeanofish, YOG Journalist. COOL OR WHAT
attempt to look like taylin hehe
funny faces
strangely i like this shot as well
i want to sail a ship one day, dreams of a teenage girl.
my favourite shot of the day. wonder how it feels like to be living in the sea-hut. travelling by boat. making friends with the fishes. wearing straw hats and white singlets. humming to the tune of 60's ballads. having a old picture of a pretty lady taken in the 50's in a small frame by the bedside. simple joys? utopia for some, dystopia for others, it all depends on the lens you're looking through at life
oh how you consume me,
bit by bit as i approach.
like a thick velvet, beneath filled with the unknown-s.
my mind flew into a rage, i lunged forward.
and fear tore me apart.

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