Monday, July 19, 2010

love the way you lie

thanks mama and dada ♥
 ♥phoebe, we're tied down by our blood relations so you can't run away from me even when i'm mad hysteric hee
 ♥kezia, bbff!
♥prettykoh and dumbledorejoshua
♥yunnie, i tried and did the first eye within 3 mins wahaha!
♥ohoh and jiumu, really sweet of you guys
♥taylin jeano kung, awesome agyness deyn + uniqlo shirtttt
♥w341, awesome cellgroup!
♥krist, for the sweetest birthday celeb. ever. best fish friends indeed!

all of you are take up at least one of them!
picture via

it's the heart that matters and i'm just grateful for what i have :)

(maxi- topshop, bracelet - tiffany & co, bag - zara)

hahaha this was so long ago! taken @ timbre - dinner with phoebe, caleb, caleb's friend, lilian, sarah, sly. pretty chill and nice evening.

i fight for what i can't,
suffocate and burn.
but what if i like it,
your stomach would churn.


cinnamonsprinkles said...


phoebejkwong said...

aww man tied down by blood. so unfortunate. damn it! :)

love you too babe.

btw, you forgot about horngyih. just saying. xP

Magdelene said...

hahahah oye phoebe! no choice kay HAHAHAH xD oh yes horngyih! i was trying to remember his name but gave up and wrote "caleb's friend" in the end hahaha