Tuesday, July 27, 2010

something far

Day 2: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently. Sorry if this challenge is too depressing. Something more serious today. Tomorrow will be more random and fun, I promise. :)

Dear friend,
Thanks for haunting me for awhile a while back. I really appreciate the ability of your very presence to turn bright days into pitch darkness , turn green leaves into crispy brown ones, turn dry eyes into wet ones. You made me feel normal even when i had messed up hair, messed up clothes, messed up mind. I couldn't care less. The anticipation of your arrival didn't help, either. It was supposed to i guess, to get myself prepared. to fight. you. You just had to come every sunday morning, monday night, tuesday afternoon and it goes on.. Even though your coming was apparent, it didn't give me enough time to adjust myself not to be affected by you. You became part of my life. how taunting. everyday was doomsday. everyone was doomspeople. everything was doomstale. people had issues with me i had issues with them the world had issues but yet not a single tissue was offered. those were the days when you were with me. global breakdown.

but thanks to you i have finally learnt to let go and let God. and this became a good change for me in my life. i'm more appreciative now and value the little joys that life brings instead of setting up high expectations that can't really be met. i'm just happy with anything that i can get, even if it's just a peach tart i'll be beyond happy. i've learnt to love more, be less cynical and more accepting, me thinks. he. he. and i've learnt to treasure what i have instead of always hoping for more! :>

so, thankyou for hurting me so that i can be healed.

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