Monday, July 26, 2010

five o'clock heroes

alright since phoebe wants me to do this, hahaha. 30 days challenge. Virtual endurance camp 101!

Day 1: The most recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
 taken awhile back but edited it RECENTLY so i guess it counts right? heeh

1. The height indicator depicts me as 168cm but i am actually 170cm in real life.
2. I have a secret obsession over pretty girls, tendencies. Not in a i wish to be a guy so that i can date her way but more of she's soooooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, stabs kinda way hehe.
3. I have the weirdest theories about normal things and tend to twist them till i lose track of where i am - results in constant vigorous mind battles. no kidding. i literally argue with myself, over the smallest things, in my mind, if it's not bad enough. PURE MENTAL. but then again, they say that the best people are often crazy right? just really needed to redeem myself.
4. I dont hate hate *instant death* but the things that he does really amuse me, in a bad way.
5. I tend to take things literal. like ROFLMAO - i'll really imagine people rolling on the floor laughing their ass off. this makes the world a better place, me thinks. because even the thought of it makes me laugh
6. which brings me to the next point. i always laugh at things/moments that i think of, BAD BAD BAD. esp in public. embarrassment 101.
7. Sometimes i think that i dress better than most guys do, when i'm wearing something that's quite unisexual. sometimes.
8. When it comes to looking at guys, i'll first notice their shoes. then the bag. then the hair. then the face. then the body. I don't know, i just have this perception that if their shoes + bags are not worth looking at then the other parts shouldn't be too impressive either. so no point wasting my time. i move fast.
9. I only like certain indie bands. discriminating?
10. I stalk.
11. I like overseas brands like shopnastygal, stolen girlfriends club, need supply & co, opening ceremony, bona drag etc etc etc but i'm still a zara and topshop hardcore fan.
12. I like going on other people's facebook and write lovely stuffs of me pretending that i'm the account user. show me some TLC!
13. I've a phobia of apple syrup now after that night in phoebe's room. and wet grounds, i tend to walk real slow for the fear of slipping and falling on the ground. hard. on. my. ass.
14. I like poems that rhymes even if they don't make sense. I'll just make my own sense out of it! Manipulation comes into the picture now and then i suppose.
15. There's nothing more i want other than you. But if i can't have you i'd rather have nothing at all. I don't play games, so don't even talk about the heart.

GOSH IT'S FINALLY OVER. 29 more days!

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